a woman having facelift-like procedure with triLift device.
a woman having facelift-like procedure with triLift device.
As an early triLift adopter, i’m enjoying a terrific competitive advantage - quote from James Chelnis MD
As an early triLift adopter, i’m enjoying a terrific competitive advantage - quote from James Chelnis MD

James Chelnis, MD, FACS
Manhattan Face & Eye
New York, NY


James Chelnis, MD is an award-winning aesthetic surgeon and internationally renowned speaker and educator in aesthetics and plastic surgery. He’s been recognized as a Top 10 Best Plastic Surgeon by Super Doctors Rising Stars, Top Doctors, and several national plastic surgery societies. He helps a diverse group of patients achieve their aesthetic goals by combining a complement of surgical procedures, injectables, and state-of-the-art medical devices.

Continue reading to see why Dr. Chelnis added triLift by Lumenis to his offering and how his business has improved as an early triLift adopter.

Why did you add triLift to your offering?

“We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of technological innovations. Without a doubt, triLift is certainly that. This innovation gives my patients exactly what they want most, a face-lift like effect without pain, without surgery, without injections, and without a long recovery time. That said, how could I – or any provider, for that matter – go wrong? The treatment effects are obvious to my patients and they look forward to their next treatment. I like the fact that patients can feel something happening. It’s a unique sensation. It doesn’t hurt, but patients definitely feel the muscles contracting, just like a workout in the gym. Regardless of the muscle contractions, patients remain very comfortable throughout the treatment. Most importantly, we’re able to bring our patient’s confidence back, bringing their physical identity back in line with how they feel. We achieve great results with a quick treatment that does not require an extended recovery.”

triLift represent a win-win. It’s good for patients and it’s good for providers
triLift represent a win-win. It’s good for patients and it’s good for providers

How does triLift fit with your existing offering?

“I’m an aesthetic surgeon. Surgical procedures will always have their place in aesthetic medicine. However, I have patients who want to improve their appearance but don’t really want or need surgery at present. We all have patients in this category. Likewise, I have patients who will never undergo a facelift. This patient segment doesn’t want surgery – period. With triLift, I’m able to serve these patients safely and effectively.“

A quote from James Chelnis MD
A quote from James Chelnis MD

”Another unique way that the triLift has expanded my practice is that I can offer patients that are leery of injectables something to keep their faces looking toned and refreshed. More and more, patients are interested to have as natural a result as they can have, using natural means. triLift is able to accomplish this and allows me to bridge the gap with those patients.

The great thing about devices vs injectables is that I OWN the treatment. On a monthly basis, devices generally cost less than the income generated from treating 1-2 patients a month. This is the break-even point and beyond that, it’s a profit for my practice*.

Finally, I have patients who have invested in a facelift and want to do everything they can to maintain their results. Again, I’m able to accomplish this goal with cutting-edge non-surgical technology. This gives my practice a solid differentiator and, as an early triLift adopter, I’m enjoying a terrific competitive advantage.”

How does triLift help with patient acqusition?

“Patients are very interested in natural approaches to aesthetics. They are also increasingly educated and critical of their results. They want fewer and less invasive treatments, from which they can bounce back quickly. The downside to many of the more natural less invasive approaches, though is that results may take a very long time to achieve and may never reach the patient’s expectations or real need. triLift simultaneously effects multiple depths and tissues leading to an obvious change. It also gives the face a younger appearance by using the patients’ own tissue, so it doesn’t look too full or artificial. We can’t get much more natural than that. triLift helps us attract patients from this segment and give them an outstanding result that they love.

A quote from James Chelnis MD
A quote from James Chelnis MD

Our existing patients are very interested in triLift, too. Many of them are in the groups mentioned earlier; not ready for surgery, not willing to undergo surgery, or wisely determined to maintain a surgical facelift’s results. Some of them have already benefited from other aesthetic technologies, such as fillers and botulinum toxin and are looking for further improvements.

With this device, they don’t have to rely on these core, more invasive methods to see a good effect. Many of our long-time patients are coming back into the office for sessions of triLift when they learn about the device.”

What feedback do you receive from patients?

“The answer is obvious. Patients are super happy with this treatment, in particular when they learn that they can work towards their goals without any pain and essentially zero downtime.”

A quote from James Chelnis about the triLift device.
A quote from James Chelnis about the triLift device.

What advice would you give to other providers?

“Never forget that patients come first. As aesthetic providers, it’s our responsibility to be well versed in all of the options. We need this knowledge to give our patients the best care. triLift is a new tool in the arsenal. If you think about the patients you see on an average day, chances are high that the majority of them would benefit from triLift treatment. The exception would be the patients that truly need a surgical solution. For those patients, triLift may help them maintain their outcomes post-surgery. So triLift represent a win-win. It’s good for patients and it’s good for providers.”

Is there anything else we should know?

“We can’t afford to ignore a technology that’s easy on patients and provides great effects. triLift is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine and a game changer for our clinic. It’s also important to note that Lumenis strives to be a true partner and support its providers. I appreciate Lumenis’ constant efforts to raise patient awareness through their celebrity-branded, direct-to-patient marketing campaigns. They’ve obviously invested a large sum in making triLift a household name. The marketing support at the practice level has been first class, as well.

I have had a relationship with Lumenis for a number of years, adding several pieces of technology to my practice. I feel that I can count on Lumenis to keep delivering safe, effective, cutting-edge technology.”

Before and after photos of facelift-like procedure with triLift device.

Photos courtesy of Manhattan Face & Eye.

This is a testimonial that represents a specific experience. Experience of others may vary.

*Actual session prices are at the sole determination of your clinic. Rates may differ by market and provider type.

Indication For Use:

The triLift™ system is intended for dermatological procedures requiring ablation and resurfacing of the skin when using triFX™ Energy (Applicator VO), as well as intended for use in dermatologic and general surgical procedures for the non-invasive treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles and rhytides when using TriPollar® RF Energy (Applicators 1-3). The triLift with the DMSt™ mode is intended for muscle conditioning to stimulate healthy muscles. triLift with the DMSt™ mode is not intended to be used in conjunction with therapy or treatment of medical diseases or medical conditions of any kind. triLift is intended to be operated by a trained professional who is present to monitor treatment.

The following possible side effects can occur following triLift treatment:

Side effects may appear either at the time of treatment or shortly after. Side effects may include any of the following: prolonged or significant pain damage to natural skin texture (blister, burn), excessive skin redness (erythema), excessive swelling (edema), fragile skin bruising, excessive itching, change of pigmentation (hyper-pigmentation or hypopigmentation), scarring, transient skin break-out such as acne and pimples. For complete list of contraindications, please refer to the User Manual.


triLift is contraindicated for patients with pacemaker, defibrillator, or any implanted electronic device, metal implants in the treatment area.

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