top 10 ways to stay connected to your patients

Staying connected to your patients and clients during challenging times requires a shift in tactics and thinking.  We’ve put together a few tried and true ways to help you stay top of mind, even when your practice is temporarily closed.

  1. Ramp up your social media presence

Over 40% of all patients follow their current (or potential) provider on social media, while 43% of consumers’ decisions to schedule an appointment were influenced by a provider’s social media presence.*

What does that mean? Time to ramp up your social media presence! Before and after photos, promotions, self-care and health tips, and info about your practice are all great content ideas. Aim for several posts a week to start.

  1. Offer virtual consultations

Just because your doors are closed doesn’t mean you need to stop doing consultations. Virtual consultations require nothing but a private room, computer, and a video chat platform like FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Chat.

  1. Create special offers

Special promotions like a free treatment with another purchase or a discounted price can fill your treatment rooms when you open. Create urgency by limiting the offer to those who book in the next week or two.

  1. Promote your gift certificates

One way to get immediate cash flow is by making additional effort to promote your gift certificates. Attaching a special offer, such as a percentage off a certain amount, can also help incentivize customers to buy.

  1. Take advantage of upcoming holidays and events

Upcoming holidays and events are all reasons patients head to their aesthetic providers. Start promoting services that pamper for Mother’s Day or treat cellulite for swimsuit season.

  1. Plan a re-opening event

Open houses or special events, like a Grand Re-Opening, are a great way to get traffic in your door and show potential clients your range of services. Special event-only pricing for services booked during the event can also drive sales.

  1. Focus on your online sales

If your office sells consumables or products, take some time to promote them. Post testimonials, clinical efficacy data, or before and after photos on your website and social media to encourage people to buy.

  1. Create a weekly newsletter

A weekly newsletter with helpful and relevant tips provides value to your patients while keeping you top of mind. You can include FAQs patients might have about your practice or procedures, how to practice proper social distancing, or other timely tips.

  1. Stay in touch through email

If you collect your patients’ email addresses (and you should!), consider checking in occasionally with emails. This is also a great way to keep your clientele informed about your practice updates and promotions.

  1. Send out helpful information

Provide helpful tips and information that are relevant to your practice, such as preventing wrinkles, what to expect during laser hair removal, or how to minimize cellulite. These can be in the form of an e-book, infographic, or chart.


In these challenging times, staying top of mind with your patients is more important than ever. Implementing these tips can help your practice flourish when you open your doors to patient traffic again.

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Author: Jill Overmyer